History Tares GmbH

1999: Targeted Research (TaRes) was founded 1999 as a start-up out of the University of Hamburg. TaRes conducted research in all areas of the agricultural sector for private and public research institutes and companies in the field of genetic engineering and biotechnology.

From 2018 on Prof. Wilhelm Schaefer will serve as an mentor for PhD studies.
Between 1999 and 2014 four PhD theses, 8 patents and 5 publications in international peer reviewed journals emerged out of the collaboration with various companies (BASF, KWS).


Dr. Jenczmionka, Dr. S. Malz, Dr. K. Sonnenberger, Dr. C. Stärkel


  • Fungizid mit Lipase-Hemmer, DE 10113045.7, Anmeldetag: 14.03.2001
  • Homoactonitase als Fungzides Target, Internationales Patent
  • Neue Targets fuer Fungizide, DE 101 50677, EP2002015067 , Anmeldetag: 17.10.2001
  • Plasmid vectors for transformation of filamentous fungi, EP 20020 15067, Anmeldetag: 05.07.2002
  • Uridyl glucose pyrophosphorylase as targets for fungicides, EP 2003015711.9 Anmeldetag: 09.07.2003
  • Methods for identifying antifungal compounds which inhibit inner-mitochondrial transport processes in fungi. Anmeldetag: 12.1.2004
  • Verwendung neuer Substanzen zur Pathogenabwehr und zur Wachstumsförderung bei Pflanzen. Anmeldetag: 13.3.2006 Az.: 10 2006 011 486.8
  • Transgene Pflanzen der Art Beta vulgaris mit gesteigerter Resistenz gegenüber Cercospora. Anmeldetag 02.10.2012.


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