were discussed during the Lübeck Summer Academy on Medical Technology July 4, organized by the IHK Lübeck. The MediaDock served as perfect location for a full day or inspiration and mental transpiration on my side. While I planned to attend the Regulatory Affairs for Medical Devices Session on the new EU regulations I was thrilled by the parallel session about Deep Learning. I thought I care about deep learning for humans since 25 years- but this was about the non-human part of it. Exciting- I changed seats. While in Chicago at DIA last month I had discussions with the IBM Watson Health team I now experience in the far north of Germany, in a little but innovative town of Lübeck a brilliant state of the art discussions about deep networks and machine learning and the first applications of machine / deep learning in pathology, radiology and ophthalmology. When it came to explicit algorithm and modeling discussions I was out- I dont know the language. But I got a flavour that not  every machine learning is artificial intelligence and not everybody using “AI” as a buzz word is meaning AI and it may be that services praised as AI in reality is intelligent (big) data digestion and presentation. We are now reaching out to see if we can connect some dots hanging loose in the months to come. Thank you IHK Lübeck for this fantastic day.